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Januar 2019

Cross-Disciplinary Methodologies: When Communication and History Come Together

"Transnationally entangled Media History" ist Thema des Vortrags von Dr. Hans-Ulrich Wagner auf dem Workshop "Cross-Disciplinary Methodologies: When Communication and History Come Together" in Lissabon. Programm


9.00 – Registration

9.20 – Welcome Address

9.30 – Presentation of the Research Project BiPE – Broadcasting in the Portuguese Empire: Nationalism, Colonialism, Identity
Nelson Ribeiro, Universidade Católica Portuguesa

9.45 – Panel: Researching Broadcasting and Empire
Chair: Sílvio Santos, Universidade de Coimbra
Simon Potter, University of Bristol – Broadcasting in the British Empire: sources and debates
Vincent Kuitenbrouwer, University of Amsterdam – The glass house revisited: radio broadcasting and the blind spots in the late colonial state in the Netherlands Indies, 1920s and 1930s
Morgan Corriou, Université Paris 8 – Researching colonial broadcasting in its intermedial environment: the case of Tunisia under the French Protectorate

11.15 – Coffee Break

11.30 – Roundtable: Researching Media History: Methodological challenges
Chair: Ana Isabel Reis, Universidade do Porto
Carolyn Birdsall, University of Amsterdam
Hans-Ulrich Wagner, Leibniz Institute for Media Research|Hans-Bredow-Institut, Hamburg
Luís Trindade, Birkbeck – University of London
Maria Inácia Rezola, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

13.00 – Lunch

14.15 – Media, História e Impérios Modernos: O elo negligenciado [Media, History and  Modern Empires: The Neglected Link]
José Luís Garcia, ICS – Universidade de Lisboa
Chair: Nelson Ribeiro

15.15 – Coffee Break

15.30 – Roundtable: Archives, History and Memory
Chair: Rogério Santos, Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Margarida Lages, Instituto Histórico-Diplomático Archive and Library
Paulo Tremoceiro, Torre do Tombo Archives
Eduardo Leite, RTP Sound Archive
Alfredo Caldeira, Fundação Mário Soares Archive and Library

16.45 – Closing Remarks

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