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Januar 2023

Mediatisierte Vergemeinschaftungen von Jugend

This Leibniz Media Lunch Talk is hosted by the Hamburg section of the Research Institute Social Cohesion (RISC): Prof. Dr. Sonja Ganguin and Dr. Johannes Gemkow work at the RISC Leipzig location at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies, University of Leipzig. In their talk, they look at mediatised communalisations of young people as a reference point of social cohesion.  
PD Dr. Jan-Hinrik Schmidt will introduce the talk.  


12:00 to 1 p.m.


Please register in this form if you would like to take part. We will send you the registration data for Zoom shortly before the event will start.

About the Talk

Mediatised communities form a reference point of social cohesion. They are characterised by a subjective sense of belonging and distinction, collective practices and systems of symbols. Like the target group of youth, these forms of community are by no means homogeneous but rather particular. Mediatised communities have effects on bonding, bridging and linking capital under specific first conditions. An important question is how mediatised communities produce social capital as a cultural crystallisation point. The focus is on media socialisation, (political) identity and polarisation as well as on already existing and necessary media-critical competences. 

About our Speakers

Prof. Dr. Sonja Ganguin is Professor of Media Literacy and Appropriation Research at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies as well as Director of the Center for Media and Communication (ZMK) at the University of Leipzig. Her research to date has been shaped by two perspectives. These include the study of media competence, especially those key qualifications that give rise to the sovereign and critically reflexive actions of subjects in relation to media content. Furthermore, she is interested in the analysis of processes of social change in digital learning worlds.

Dr. Johannes Gemkow is a research associate at the Research Institute Social Cohesion (RISC) and teaches at the Chair of Media Literacy and Appropriation Research at the University of Leipzig. His current research focuses on social media, populism and youth, media and information literacy and mediatisation as well as qualitative social research. His current project at the RISC is dedicated to researching young people's experiences of populism on social media. 

Leibniz Media LunchTalks 

At the Leibniz Media Lunch Talks, researchers present current topics, interim results from their research projects or doctoral projects in a relaxed atmosphere. You are welcome to enjoy lunch while listening to the talks.


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