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70th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association ICA 2020

70th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association ICA 2020

The meeting rooms of the world's largest conference for communication science will remain empty this year. The International Communication Association (ICA) had to cancel its annual conference on the occasion of its 70th anniversary due to the coronavirus. The Gold Coast in Australia should have been the venue, now the event will take place virtually.

The participants have recorded their presentations and group discussions in advance and uploaded them onto a conference platform. This will be accessible to all conference participants from 20 to 26 May 2020. In order to take into account the different time zones in which the participants are located, the event is designed asynchronously. All those who have registered for ICA 2020 can watch videos and comment on them at any time.

As every year, the HBI will also participate with several contributions.
The Contributions of the HBI at a Glance
In the DGPuK panel The Re-Figuration of Public Communication in Times of Deep Mediatization: Pioneer Journalism, Audience Relationships, and Public Connection, organised by the HBI together with the University of Bremen, Prof. Dr. Wiebke Loosen, Prof. Dr. Uwe Hasebrink, Dr. Sascha Hölig, Lisa Merten, Julius Reimer, Paul Solbach and Louise Sprengelmeyer will give the following presentations:
  • Paul Solbach with Andreas Hepp and Hendrik Kühn: "Pioneer Journalism: The Re-Figuration of Journalism’s Organizational Foundations"
  • Wiebke Loosen, Julius Reimer and Louise Sprengelmeyer: "Journalism and Its Audience: The Re-Figuration of a Relationship and Its Influence on News Production"
  • Uwe Hasebrink and Lisa Merten: "Public Connection: Individuals' Media Repertoires and the Re- Figuration of Publics"
  • Wiebke Loosen, Julius Reimer and Sascha Hölig: "What Journalists Want and What They Ought to Do. (In)Congruences Between Journalists’ Role Conceptions and Audiences’ Expectations" 
In the panel Journalism Across Borders: Cases Controversies in Global Coordination and Communication, Wiebke Loosen, Julius Reimer and Paul Solbach talk with Laura Ahva, Mark Deuze and Lorenz Matzat about "'X Journalism. Exploring Journalism's Diverse Meanings Through the Names We Give It."

In the session Communication Law & Policy Interpretations of Open Communication, Hybrid High-Density Session, Communication Law and Policy, Amélie Pia Heldt will give the presentation "Open Communication and Borderline Speech: A Free Speech Limbo?". She also gives the presentation "From e-Commerce to Digital Services: New uniform rules for platforms in the EU?", which was originally planned for the ICA Post Conference.

Sascha Hölig talks to Richard Fletcher about "Four Types of Social Media Use: A Cross-Country Analysis of the Importance of Social Media News Use."

Lisa Merten will give the presentation "News Won't Find Me? Exploring Inequalities in Social Media News Use With Tracking Data" in the panel Political Communication Division Incidental or Intentional? News Exposure Today. Co-authors are Nadia Metoui, Mykola Makhortykh, Damian Trilling and Judith Möller.

(Photo: Jonas Jacobsson / unsplash.com)


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