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State Research Funding for Project with HBI Participation

State Research Funding for Project with HBI Participation

The HBI is participating in the third round of research funding by the State of Hamburg with a project in cooperation with Universität Hamburg and the Institute of Technical Education and University Didactics at the TU Hamburg. The aim is to develop a research-training group that will focus on the topic "Law and Teaching It in Digital Transformation".
From the Press Release of the Ministry of Science, Research and Equality
In the current round of state research funding, the Ministry of Science, Research and Equality (BWFG) has approved 18 new research projects. Each project will receive funding of a maximum of 1.8 million euros. The total funding volume amounts to approximately 23.3 million euros over a period of up to 3.5 years. In addition, four new future clusters - so-called "HamburgX projects" - will receive a total of 12 million euros in funding until 2023. Hamburg's scientific community will thus receive a total of 35.3 million euros for 22 research projects.

You can find an overview and description of the funded projects at: https://t1p.de/cubq
Science Senator Katharina Fegebank: "State research funding is an important instrument for promoting the expansion of potential areas of Hamburg's state-run universities - this has been impressively demonstrated by the success in raising funds at national and international level. I am pleased that the universities have once again submitted numerous excellent project ideas in the current funding round, which promise answers to urgent questions and challenges of the 21st century such as climate change, urban development, social injustice or medical progress. Society as a whole benefits from this. With the HamburgX projects, we are also implementing another recommendation of the MINT Research Council and promoting four promising Hamburg future clusters. This strengthens the international competitiveness of the universities and gives the entire science location a new boost.”

Cooperative Research Networks and Research Training Groups

In the current funding round, the funding line "Cooperative Research Associations and Research Training Groups" was announced. Here, alliances of Hamburg's public universities and their partners, which fulfil the requirements for applying for joint research projects on a supra-regional and international level, receive targeted funding. In total, the universities submitted 37 projects. The call for proposals was open-ended, in order to provide science with the necessary creative freedom to take up new research ideas. The selection of the funded projects is based on a scientifically led review process in which written reviews by external experts were obtained for each of the applications.

The 18 funded research projects were submitted by scientists from Universität Hamburg, HAW Hamburg, TU Hamburg, HafenCity University and the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. The Helmut Schmidt University and non-university research institutions, such as the HBI, are also involved as project partners. The research projects come from various fields and deal with problems and challenges that a modern society has to face today.

HamburgX Projects
In addition to the funding line Cooperative Research Associations and Research Training Groups, four future clusters - so-called HamburgX projects - are funded within the framework of state research funding. These are large-scale research projects of a cooperative nature, involving a broad spectrum of institutions and partners and offering, among other things, links to local business and industry. The aim is to specifically promote and further develop research priorities and areas with proven potential. The project proposals were evaluated by external experts and members of the MINT Research Council.

Further information on the Hamburg State Research Promotion can be found at https://wissenschaft.hamburg.de/landesforschungsfoerderung-hamburg/

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