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Es ist kompliziert: Jugendmedienschutz in Deutschland

Es ist kompliziert: Jugendmedienschutz in Deutschland

His objective has the protection of minors from harmful media clearly in sight: to enable children and young people to grow up safely with media. Risks and dangers in media relations should be kept away from them. But creating laws for it is anything but easy. Who regulates what in the protection of minors from harmful media in Germany? Dr. Stephan Dreyer gives an overview.
The complete article is available online.

Dreyer, S. (2019): "Es ist kompliziert: Jugendmedienschutz in Deutschland [It's Complicated: The Protection of Minors from Harmful Media in Germany]", in: https://www.gutes-aufwachsen-mit-medien.de/informieren/article.cfm/aus.2/key.3422 (06 February 2019)

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