Social Media - 2nd, Updated and Expanded Edition

Social Media - 2nd, Updated and Expanded Edition

What do people with the media? What does media with the people? These two elementary questions of communication science are answered by Jan-Hinrik Schmidt in the new edition of his book ‘Social Media’. In his book, he explains the functioning of social media and its effects by using current examples, such as privacy, opinion formation or the exchange of knowledge.

In the last years after publishing the first edition of ‘Social Media’, the researcher for digital media and political communication spoke to different audiences about his research findings and, thereby, managed to present complex studies in a comprehensive and applicable way without losing their scientific importance. This is reflected in the updated edition, which has been published in the series “Medienwissen Kompakt” and addresses a non-scientific audience.

Schmidt, J.-H. (2018): Social Media. Second updated and expanded edition. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag.

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