Dr. Alina Laura Tiews

Dr. Alina Laura Tiews

From March 2013 until end of 2017 Alina Laura Tiews worked at the Research Centre Media History. Since then, she is conntected to the institute as associated researcher.

Alina Laura Tiews majored in Modern German History, Modern German Literature, and Comparative Literature at Humboldt University, Berlin. She obtained a doctorate from the Historical Seminar at the University of Münster. In her PhD, she analysed how fictional movies and television integrated German refugees and expellees in the divided Germany between 1945 and 1990. Her disseration was funded by the Immanuel Kant Scholarship of the Federal Institute for Culture and History of the Germans in Eastern Europe and the DEFA Foundation.

From 2005 to 2009, she was employed in the educational department of Berlin’s German Historical Museum (DHM). She has free-lanced as an educator and research assistant at several museums in Hamburg.

Extending beyond the history of migration and the media, Alina Laura Tiews’ research therefore also embraces the fields of cultural memory, politics of memory, and public history. She also works as a volunteer at the media historical journal "Rundfunk und Geschichte".

Dr. Alina Laura Tiews

Associated Researcher

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