Hamid Reza Akrami

Hamid Reza Akrami

Guest Researcher at the Hans-Bredow-Institut July 2016 - July 2018

Hamid Reza Akrami is a media and social communications researcher and university lecturer. He has studied computer software engineering and social communications, which gives him dual qualification in the fields of communication technologies and new media. He has taught communication technologies, online public relations, electronic journalism, specialized English for media and communications students, and other relevant courses at the university.

He has recently been working on Digital and Media Literacy for a number of years in Teheran, Iran, and has a number of academic works presented at the international conferences and fora.

He is now finalizing his PhD with a concentration on the empowerment of children and teenagers in their confrontation with the new media at Universität Hamburg.

His work at Hans-Bredow-Institut was in connection with the EUKidsOnline project. He also helped the institute in administering the EUKidsOnline website. He is also looking for newer topics of research in the field.

Hamid Reza Akrami

Guest Researcher

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