Anna Boch Guest Researcher at the Institute

Anna Boch Guest Researcher at the Institute

Anna Boch, PhD candidate in Sociology at Stanford University, is guest researcher at the institue from June to August, She is researching public opinion on online hate speech and content moderation, using approaches from sociology, communication studies, and law.

Anna Boch’s dissertation project examines American attitudes on freedom of speech, especially as it relates to college campuses and the effect such freedom has on the content of civic discourse. Using survey experimental and computational social scientific methods, the dissertation explores the manifestations and effects of the United States’ uniquely hands-off approach to speech (compared to other liberal democracies).
Prior to her doctoral program at Stanford, Anna Boch worked as a paralegal in Washington D.C. and graduated from Harvard College with an A.B. ("Artium Baccalaureus", Bachelor of Arts) in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, with a focus on Islam in the West.
Website: www.annaboch.net
Stanford University page: https://sociology.stanford.edu/people/anna-boch


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