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Overview of the Research Projects 2016/2017

Project Cooperation partners Third-party funding
Projects in Research Programme 1
European Media Audiences Prof. Dr. Klaus Bruhn Jensen (University of Copenhagen, DK), Jean-Michel Lebrun (Ipsos Belgium) and teams from eight other European countries  
Research Network ‘Transforming Communications    
Journalism Elsewhere Prof. Dr. Tamara Witschge, Stefan Baack (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, NL); Dr. Laura Ahva (University of Tampere, FI); Prof. Dr. Irene Costera Meijer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL); Florence Le Cam, Prof. Dr. David Domingo, Victor Wiard (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, BE); Prof. Dr. Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, Dr. Andy Williams (Cardiff University, UK); Ass. Prof. Dr. Chris W. Anderson (City University New York, US); Prof. Dr. Mark Deuze (Universiteit van Amsterdam, NL); Prof. Dr. Folker Hanusch (Universität Wien, AT)  
Journalism: New Organisational Models, Changing Audience Relationships, and their Effect on Journalistic Output    
Media Performance and Democracy Prof. Dr. Ralph Weiß, Prof. Dr. Olaf Jandura (Universität Düsseldorf); Prof. Dr. Birgit Stark, Dr. Melanie Magin (Universität Mainz); Dr. Josef Seethaler (Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Studies, Wien, AT); Prof. Dr. Otfried Jarren (Universität Zürich, CH)  
Media Pluralism Monitor European University Institute European Commission / European University Institute
Media Usage of People with Disabilities Jun.-Prof. Ingo Bosse (Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, TU Dortmund) The media authorities, Aktion Mensch
Public Connection    
The Impact of Online Platforms and Intermediaries on Opinion Formation   The media institutions
Reuters Institute Digital News Survey Dr. David Levy, Nic Newman, Dr. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen (Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford, UK) The media authorities, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)
SCAN – Systematic Content Analysis of User Comments for Journalists Prof. Dr. Walid Maalej (Universität Hamburg) Google Computational Journalism Research Programme
Profiles of Tweeting Twitter-Users    
Control over Predominating ‘Power of Opinion’ – Idea And Reality    
When Data Become News: An Ongoing Content Analysis of Projects Nominated for the Annual Data Journalism Awards Fenja De Silva-Schmidt (Universität Hamburg)  
Dissertation project (J. Reimer): Personal Branding in Journalism. Theoretical Conception and Empirical Exploration of Brand Management in Journalism    
Dissertation project (L. Merten): News Usage on Social Networking Platforms    
Projects in Research Programme 2
The Power of Information Intermediaries – Manifestations, Structures and Regulatory Options   Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation
Doing Internet Governance: Constructing Normative Structures Inside and Outside Intermediary Organisations    
Information Governance Technologies: Ethics, Policies, Architectures, Engineering Prof. Dr. Tilo Böhmann, Prof. Dr. Hannes Federrath, Prof. Dr. Ingrid Schirmer, Prof. Dr. Judith Simon (Universität Hamburg); Prof. Dr. Sibylle Schupp (TU Hamburg-Harburg) Land of Hamburg
MIRACLE (Machine-readable and Interoperable Age Classification Labels in Europe) BBFC (British Board of Film Classification, UK), NICAM (Nederlands Instituut voor de Classificatie van Audiovisuele Media, NL), PEGI (Pan European Game Information, BE), FSM (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia-Diensteanbieter, DE), NCBI (Národní centrum bezpečnějšího internetu, CZ), JusProg (Verein zur Förderung des Kinder- und Jugendschutzes in den Telemedien e.V., DE), Optenet (ES) ICT Policy Support Programme of the EU-Commission
Privacy in Germany and China: A Legal Comparison   German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD))
Software Systems, the Public, and Participation    
Social Media and Networked Publics    
Dissertation project (K. Dankert): Code as a Critical Point for Internet Regulation    
Dissertation project (F. Krupar): Treatment of Agorithmic Communication in German Constitutional Law    
Dissertation project (F. Seitz): School Regulations and the Fight Against Cyberbullying – a Comparative Analysis    
Dissertation project (J. Domroes): The Legal Concept of Interference Liability – Discussion with Regards to the Limits of Judicial Development of the Law    
Dissertation project (M. Oermann): Ensuring the Possibilities of Internet-based Communication – an Assessment of the Concept of Protection in German Basic Law    
Dissertation project (T. Mast): Content-Related and Procedural Principles of Information Activities of the State    
Dissertation project (L. Ziebarth): Net Neutrality on the Internet – Necessity and Provision by Existing German Law    
Projects in Research Programme 3
Area of competence ‘Growing up in Digital Media Environments
COST-Action ‘The Digital Literacy and Multimodal Practices of Young Children’ (DigiLitEY) Prof. Dr. Jackie Marsh (University of Sheffield, UK) COST-Programme (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)
Digital Audio Pens: Function and Use within the Family    
EU Kids Online – Children’s Internet Use in a European Comparison Researchers from 33 countries, London School of Economics and Political Science (UK)  
Youth Media Protection Index: Adolescents, Parents, and Educational Institutions – Dealing with Online-related Risks JFF Institute for Media Education in Research and Practice Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia-Diensteanbieter (FSM e. V.)
Socialisation: Growing Up in a Changing Media Environment Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kammerl (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)  
Dissertation project (S. Dreyer): Decisions under Uncertainty in Child Protection    
Dissertation project (M. Rechlitz): Smartphones in Parental Media Education    
Area of Competence ‘Public Service and Public Value’
Expert Opinion for the Media and Communications Report of the German Federal Government 2016/2017   Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media
The Individual Value of Services offered by the Media   Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF)
Area of Competence ‘Health Communication’
Big Data & Health Communication    
‘Club der roten Bänder’ [Red Band Society] – Addressing the Topic of Cancer in a Fictional Entertainment Format    
HealthApps4Kids - Health-Related Apps for Children    
A Market Analysis of Health Communication Prof. Dr. Constanze Rossmann (Universität Erfurt) Bertelsmann Foundation
Network ‘Media and Health Communication’    
Dissertation project (M. Grimm): Audiovisual Narratives in the Field of Health Communication    
Area of Competence ‘Media History’
‘Arrival on Radio’: Flight and Expulsion in West German and East German Radio Programmes 1945-1961   Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media
Entangled Media Histories (EMHIS) Dr. Marie Cronqvist (Lund University, SE); Prof. Dr. Hugh Chignell, Dr. Kristin Skoog (Bournemouth University, UK); Dr. Christoph Hilgert (Universität München) Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT)
Imagined Communities: Space-related Constructions of Cities’ Collectivity in Times of Analogue Media    
Media and Migration in the Baltic Sea Region (MeMiBaS)   Land of Hamburg
Media Memory: Communication About the Past    
Private and Public Service Broadcasting: The Introduction of the ‘Dual System’ in Germany    
‘Sounds like…’: Sounds from the Past and Historical Communications Processes Prof. Dr. Ines Bose, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Golo Föllmer (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle a.d.S.)  
Transnational Media History  – a Cooperation with the Macquarie University, Sydney Prof. Dr. Bridget Griffen-Foley (Macquarie University, AU) German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD))
Dissertation project (J. Finger): Watching the Holocaust on TV. The Recipient’s Perspective on the Effects of Television on Mental and Collective Representations    
Projects in the Postdoctoral Network ‘Algorithmed Public Spheres’
(Il)legal Drugs and Social Media Dr. Julie Tieberghien (Department of Criminology, Criminal Law, and Social Law, Universität Gent, BE) Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO)
Herrenhausen-Conference ‘Society through the Lens of the Digital’ Florian Süssenguth (acatech – Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften, München); Prof. Dr. Armin Nassehi (Institute of Sociology, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) VolkswagenStiftung (‘Herrenhausen Konferenzen’)
Networks of Outrage: Mapping the Emergence of New Extremism in Europe Prof. Dr. Jeanette Hofmann, Julian Ausserhofer (Alexander von Humboldt-Institute for Internet and Society); Markus Hametner, Noura Maan (Der Standard, AT) VolkswagenStiftung (‘Wissenschaft und Datenjournalismus’)


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